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👨‍🍳  A new way to cook!

Petit Chef is a cooking app designed for amateur cooks. Users exchange and share their recipes, with a vegetarian option available. The goal of the app is to allow everyone to learn how to cook and share their culinary knowledge for free. The name of the app reflects our philosophy of simplicity and accessibility.

🔗 Click here to see the Figma File

iPhone X Flying Mockup Left View.png

🔍  Process

When designing the Petit Chef cooking social network, I sought to provide a safe and easy-to-access environment for users. To achieve this, I implemented several strategies.

First, I enlisted a professional team to manage the project. This allowed me to ensure that the work was done with precision and efficiency.

I also sought to provide a unique and interesting experience to the user. For example, the app offers users a vegetarian option, as well as a system for sharing and exchanging recipes.

iPhone X Mockup.png

🎨 UI Kit

UI Kit

iPhone X Mockup2.png

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